Monday, January 9, 2012

Wedding Planning Hooplah...

Good Afternoon, Readers!

If there is anything that I have to say regarding the past couple of weeks, I suppose only two words come to mind:

Holy. Crap.

Yes, some of you may have guessed based on my previous post, John proposed!


We got engaged on December 28, 2011. We have decided to get married September 2012 in Gloucester, MA.

It's amazing how quickly things are going in regards to wedding planning. It's only been about two weeks since we announced the engagement, and already we have the church, officiant, and venue booked, and we also have a good idea on what kind of flowers and which caterer we want.

I'm getting the feeling that this is NOT far, things are going quite well...almost TOO well. Granted, I'm trusting A LOT to my future mother and sister in law, given that we're planing this wedding from about 2,000 miles away, but since they both have IMPECCABLE taste, I'm not worried.

On a side note, it has been brought to my attention that my blog is becoming less and less of a knitting blog and more and more of a personal thought doodle blog. Not that there is anything wrong with thought doodles, but I do feel that I should keep the majority of my posts knitting/crochet/embroidery related.

So Readers, on that note, I bring you...WEDDING KNIT AND CROCHET!

We will begin, readers, with a darling crochet "wedding cake" that serves a double duty:
1. It looks stinkin' adorable, and
2. It acts as a cozy/cushion for stacks of china, keeping away chips and cracks!

image found here:
 Next, we have the SWEETEST wedding invite I've seen in a while:

Image found here:

I just may get to work on these anigurumi lovebirds and use them as a decoration for the head table:

Image found here:

And lastly, I give you...the Royal KNIT FORM!

Yes, this actually exists. You can find the book here:

 Who wouldn't want a knit Corgi?

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