Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding planning hooplah part 4: My Amazing Shape-Shifting Wedding!

We are entering the final stretch, Readers! Less than two months to go before my wedding day!

I'm afraid that I'm going to have to put away my knitting needles for a while. I won't be posting any projects until after September, unless by some miracle I find myself with some time to knit. I will be continuing with my weekly haikus and CAMD (Cinderella Ate my Daughter) book review, though, so stay tuned!

As far as wedding planning goes, things are starting to come together. Venue, music, cake...exciting (and overwhelming!) times up ahead!

It's amazing, Readers, how much my idea of a "Dream Wedding" has changed as I've gotten older. As I've been going through each individual piece of the upcoming celebration, I can't help but notice how my "boneh-fiday" wedding is almost completely different than the "Dream Wedding" I made up for myself when I was young.

When I was a daydreaming teenager, I thought I wanted something like this for my wedding cake:

And as a grown-up bride, I've decided on this style of wedding cake:

Take out the flowers and there you have it. Simple and streamlined, not taking attention away from John and I <3

The bouquet I thought I wanted when I was but a wee Jackie:


And the style of bouquet I'll be walking down the aisle with. Since becoming somewhat of a granola, I found myself insisting on using flowers that will be seasonal and reasonably local.

We will also be incorporating peppermint leaves into my bouquet, since John's pet-name for me is "Peppermint". Image found here:
As a kid, I imagined that on my wedding day, I would walk down the aisle looking like I stepped out of the grand finale of a Disney film. I would be wearing a big, poofy ball gown with a mile-long train, that would delicately flutter in the wind as my prince would carry me away! 

Readers, I actually tried this dress on. It's the "Beauty and the Beast" wedding  dress from Alfred Angelo. The skirt must have had 100 yards of tulle in it; it was so big that I was unable to walk without tripping! Image found here:
And the wedding gown that I fought SO HARD to get, that makes me feel like less of a princess and more like MYSELF...

 You didn't honestly think I'd post a picture of my wedding dress, did you Readers? Ha. 

A weekly haiku and CAMD review can be expected on Friday! Until next time! 

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