Friday, May 3, 2013

In which we survived the May Day protest

You know, Readers, I'm really getting sick of this.

I am getting so sick and tired of this crap.

I'm sure that many of you who are reading this are well aware of the chaos that descended on our fair city of Seattle during Wednesday's May Day demonstration.

For those of you who are not, I'll break it down for you: a group of so called "anarchists" decided to raise awareness about the evils of capitalism by throwing rocks, destroying property, and putting up a wall of newspaper boxes in the middle of the street.

I have no idea what this was supposed to accomplish.  Image found here:

As of now, seventeen of the rioters have been arrested.

John and I live in the Pike/Pine corridor, so we had front row seats to the ensuing mayhem. I first witnessed this group of anthropomorphized solutions of fail-sauce and bong water while I was on my way home from work:

One of the demonstrators handed me a flyer, that explained the significance of May Day in the way of worker's rights and the reasons why capitalism is evil. Everyone was relatively well behaved at this point (aside from a few shouts of "F--- THE POLICE!", but I suppose that's to be expected), so I just shrugged these people off, snapped a few pictures and went on my way.

I got home, kissed my hubby, and turned on the news.


Oh dear.

I wish I could say that this violence and stupidity surprised me. I really wish I could.

I...I can't even begin to comprehend the thought process that led these demonstrators to believe that throwing rocks at a Wallgreens and terrorizing citizens is going to make people pay attention to and respect their cause.

A Kiro 7 reporter tried to interview one of the protesters. I wish I could find video footage of this moment, it gave me the best kind of insight into this whole situation. When the protester wasn't being interrupted by her inebriated colleagues (who were trying to grab the cameraman from behind), she made somewhat of an attempt to explain what exactly it was they were protesting, that was reduced to simple whining about "HOW THE POLICE OFFICERS ARE BEING MEEEEEAAAANNN!!!".

The demonstrators could not even explain WHAT THEY ARE PROTESTING AGAINST.

You know what damned the groups' case against capitalism the most, Readers? The number of smart-phones and SLR cameras I saw in the crowd.

What exactly, Readers, is smashing the window of a Wallgreens supposed to accomplish? What exactly is throwing rocks and glass bottles supposed to accomplish?

I would like to know who is behind planning this "protest", and I would not be surprised if this individual's name is Ralph Wiggum.

 It would certainly explain the logic behind the trashcan/newspaper box wall.

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