Friday, September 12, 2014

Good News and Bad News

Hi, Readers!

Well, I suppose I should start with the good news.

The parasol got First Place/Best in Category!

Wooo, but why did they put ribbons on it?
The Rocket Ship Blanket and Crocus Doily didn't place, but both did get honorable mention ribbons!

I'm VERY happy with my first "enter something in the fair" experience! The hubs and I had a fantastic time all around!

Now for the bad news.

We WERE going to go to the fair again this weekend with our buddies in tow  (I asked my husband if it as okay to do one trip with it being just us; since I didn't want our friends to witness me descending into a puddle of nervous feels), but...

(This is the bad news)

I went and sprained my ankle yesterday while running to catch the bus. So walking around the largest fair in Washington State isn't going to fly.

I was hurrying down a set of outdoor stairs (we live in a very hilly area) when I tripped over my own feet. Luckily, I was able to catch myself before I fell all the way down the stairs, but I still twisted my ankle pretty badly, and heard an audible "pop".

It hurt so bad I nearly threw up.

I called my husband, my boss, and my mother (for good measure). I sat down there on those concrete stairs and waited for my husband to come by and take me to the ER.

So after the triage, the waiting, and the X-Rays, the doctor diagnosed me with what is probably the least dignified sounding injury in existence:

A mild sprain with a bony contusion.


So, I get to sport an ankle splint along with this fabulous thing (which I am TOTALLY going to bedazzle)

 along with a set of crutches to use "as needed".

If there is a silver lining that can go along with yesterday's adventure, it's that I'm going to have a LOT more time to knit and crochet! I'll keep you guys updated, Readers!

Until next time!



  1. Yikes! Sprains are no joke, even "mild" ones are painful and once you sprain your ankle it never fully heals and is more prone to twisting them. My mom sprained hers for the first time pretty badly a little over a month ago. Did you cry when you rolled it?

  2. That was me, first time I sprained mine I actually felt like throwing up and I couldn't stop cursing up a storm. It was just a minor sprain but it sure didn't feel like it. My moms was a more severe one almost tore the ligament completely. I really felt bad for her. It was night time, her and I was heading outside to hand my brother something he forgot before he walked over to his friends and we were gonna check the mail, and while walking towards the road her foot missed the side of the driveway and stepped down onto the grass. Her ankle rolled inward, popped and she hit the ground and started to cry. My brother and I ran over I was trying to console her, my bro who is experienced in every injury known to man being into sports. Pulled her shoe off and painfully poked, prodded then scooped her up like a feather and carried her to the house to ice it and wait for my dad to get home with the car.

    Anyways long story over, baby your ankle and stay off your feet as much as possible otherwise you'll over work it and cause more problems later on. Hope you heal quick. Take care!!