Monday, October 3, 2011

**sings** I am sixteen, going on seventeen...

Oh, how I love inspiration that seems to pop out of nowhere.

This past weekend was my significant other's birthday. After spending a nice morning together, getting breakfast pizza, putting together a drafting table (his birthday present from me!), singing at a wedding (he tagged along), and getting a kick-awesome burger, we came back to his place along with two other freinds and watched a bunch of cheesy broaway musicals.

It has been YEARS since I've seen the Sound of Music. YEARS. When I was much younger, this was one of my favorite movies in general...I had always fantasized about being able to sing like Liesl (the eldest daughter character) someday...and based on what people have told me, I have been blessed to have that wish come true.

This just made me smile...a nice, nostalgic, sweet moment. I found myself singing along to the song, "16 going on 17." My boyfriend, again in proving his amazing awesomeness and affection, took a swig of his beer, put his arm around me while Liesel and Rolf were dancing around in the rain, looked toward me and said...

"Shall we learn this dance routine?"

John, I love you so much.

I also just fell in love with Liesl's dress...a lilac, billowy chiffon thing that was just so pretty. It gave me the inspiration to start a new project (among the HUNDREDS I have going already...but this one will be a quick knit!); A lilac lace clutch is in the works! I'll post pictures of my skecthes and plans later

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