Wednesday, November 2, 2011

word and lace doodles...

Feeling a bit semtimental and poetic tonight :-)
First, came across some bad poetry I wrote ages ago while still going to school at PLU. This is the only one that didn't sound like it came out of the journal of a 12 year old (you guys think my writing sucks NOW, you should have seen my drabbles at 18!)


I will never forget
The first day I saw them

Lying there, where everything was new
Looking up into a field of turquoise and longing,
      that indescribable hue of azure
      that longs for the blackness
      yet still clenches onto the last tearing threads of the twiglight evening
I heave a breath, and silently
                         plead for the lights to appear.
The show begins
gentle and hestitant roman candles,
creeping up...
and surround me with a warm glow.


thank you :-P

In addition to reminicing over bad poetry, made a ton of progress on my lace mountain!

Got a bunch of doilies and snowflakes finished!

The flakes are coming along gloriously!

These ones are still in the process of being starched...I've NEVER pinned snowflakes this detailed before; my kitchen is beginning to look like an acupuncure clinic with everything being pinned down and sprayed with laundry starch.

This flake is my personal favorite; its the "Kings' Crown" snowflake pattern made by the very fabulous Snowcatcher, her blog can be found here:



  1. These came out beautifully! I am so in love with the description of your kitchen. That was priceless! And being a big fan of poetry, I think your old verse is just fine. (Probably helps that I love fireworks, too.)

  2. I'm honored that you found my little knit/crochet blog!!! Thank you so much! I ADORE your crochet patterns!