Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lace Doodle Thursday: buh dhu du dooooo *buurrrhhh***

Well, Readers/crocheters, I've done better. 

Third flake, though!

I don't have a pattern for this yet...because, quite frankly, I'm less than thrilled with the finished product here. I showed this flake to my husband, and he thought the little "moons" were supposed to be birds or Nike swooshes.

The stars might need a bit of tweaking as well. Granted, this flake hasn't been pinned or starched, so we still don't know QUITE what it's going to look like when all finished.

I feel that the middle part could use some visual interest. I have some beads that I could incorporate, OR, I could change the whole dang thing from a 12-pt star to a 10-pt star, putting a little star shape in the middle. I'll play with it and see how I feel :-P

In addition to not being 100% satisfied with the end result, I find that it is super, SUPER hard to put into words how I did the little moons/nikeswooshes/bird things. I probably broke every crochet rule in the book; I was double crocheting in the middle of stitches! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! SHOCK AND HORROR!

I'll keep on working on this pattern, and will keep you updated, Readers!

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  1. And I suppose you haven't seen any my readers' complaints about some of the stuff I make them do in my snowflakes!!! There are no rules! You make what you feel, and after it's stiffened, if you still don't like it, you call it an ugly flake, and in a year or so, you might like it. :)

    I think it's neat, and I love the concept of the stars and the moon in a snowflake!