Friday, February 15, 2013

Post-Valentine's day Haiku Friday

Flowers will never
Compare to a valentine
Carved from a skirt steak.

Ah, Valentine's day. I know that I may be in the minority among my peers in regards to this holiday, but I frickin LOVE Valentine's day.

Chocolate? Yes please. Wearing pink? Awesome! Being surrounded with flowers and hearts and sparkles? HOORAY!

My husband has always been the World's Very Best Valentine. On our first Valentine's day together as a couple, he invited me to his apartment for a romantic dinner.

This is what was waiting for me when I arrived.

Best. Valentine. EVER. 

When I got home from work yesterday, he greeted me with a beautiful pink tea rose plant. 

Second. Best. Valentine. EVER. 

You can expect another Cinderella Ate My Daughter review next week, Readers, along with a few more projects! 

Until next time! <3

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