Sunday, February 24, 2013

Year of Using Up the Stash: Christmas in...February?

Afternoon, Readers!

Still haven't gone into violent yarn withdrawal symptoms. Yet. It was the WORST yesterday, I went out for a walk and my favorite yarn shop was having a clearance sale.


I've finished quite a few projects with my yarn stash, though! There is still a long way to go before the stash is all used up; I think that I've used up, MAYBE, a tenth of the stash up, TOPS.

First, I've finished a few more Warm Up America segments!

Three done with a simple cable, one with the rice stitch.

Next, I came across this fabulous pattern and simply HAD to try it:

It turned out awesome!

I only have two half-skeins of worsted weight cotton left! Whoo hoo!

Finally, I bring you, Readers, the long-overdue second Christmas stocking!

The picture was taken next to the closest thing we have to a fireplace :-) 

I'ma keep you guys posted, Readers, with more of my projects! 

Orb Weaver out! 

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