Monday, March 25, 2013

Year of Using Up the Stash: Husband's Gloves

Hello, Readers! 

This past week, I've met not one, but TWO project Using Up the Stash goals! 

First goal met: Since starting project Using Up the Stash, I've used up FIVE skeins of yarn! *arm-flailing YAAAYYYYYYYY!*

Second, I knit my husband a pair of elbow-length gloves! 

He's been patiently waiting for these gloves since November, and I FINALLY FINISHED THEM! :-D 

The gloves were a refreshing change of pace from my earlier projects, which (aside from the Warm Up America segments) were either: 

a. Full of complicated and poorly-explained techniques that I had to tear out and redo TWICE before I got the hang of said techniques, (both of the knit Christmas stockings had this problem when I was turning the heel), 

b. Knit on size 1 needles, taking FOREVER to finish (I spent at least three weeks on the Chrysanthemum mittens), or

c. Really repetitive and boring. Now, don't get me wrong, Readers. A bit of calming repetition in my knitting has been shown to be good for my nerves, BUT, I get REALLY BORED after making five dishcloths from the exact same pattern. 

I'd recommend this glove pattern to any intermediate level knitter! They were a fairly quick knit (I finished both gloves in about a week), and my husband absolutely loves them! 

Until next time, Readers! You can look forward to some crochet lace in my next installment! 

Note: I am well aware that there is a line running down the left side of both of these images. I'm no expert on camera repair, but I have a hunch that the lens on my trusty digital camera is damaged. Aside from the ever-present line, the camera works fine...and guess who has two thumbs and is a bit too broke at the moment to replace her camera? THIS GIRL!

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