Monday, November 18, 2013

Introducing: Sir Keiko Von StashBuster.

Hello, Readers. This is Keiko Von StashBuster.

I finished him yesterday, and he is absolutely adorable.

This cute lil' oceanic dolphin is made from a free pattern on Ravelry! Readers, I don't know why this pattern isn't more popular; it was super easy to follow, was VERY forgiving (I skipped over some pattern repeats but the finished project doesn't show it), and used up ALL of my leftover black acrylic yarn, as well as my white acrylic!


I've also finished another softie; I finished this one last week, but haven't found the time to post it:

Recently, I've been in contact with one of the donation.volunteer coordinators from Seattle Children's Hospital. I shot her an email, asking if Seattle Children's accepted knit hats/booties. She told me no, they don't accept knit hats/ booties for preemies and newborns (because their little hands can get caught in the knit fabric), but they DID accept all kinds of knit/crochet toys!

I was absolutely delighted by the details she put in what it was they were looking for in the knit toy donations: the toys should be:

1: Machine washable (for obvious reasons, they are a hospital after all and want things to be kept clean/sterilized),

2: Snuggleable: nothing quite like holding a soft toy to help take a sick child's mind off things, and

3: Meltdown proof. Readers, when a child (especially a small one) is sick or injured, it can be a very scary and overwhelming time. It's inevitable that at least a few patients will have a bit of a meltdown moment, and when this happens, parents/caretakers/nurses will try to distract the child with a stuffed animal, which may or may not be chucked across the room at the medical equipment.

Which is perfectly okay with me :-).

The dinosaur I posted last week, the rocket ship, and Sir Keiko Von StashBuster will be donated to Seattle Children's hospital, just as soon as I finish knitting up a few more things. I'd like to have a basket of at least five toys to donate.

I'll keep you guys posted, Readers! Until next time!

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