Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another chapter begins in the life of Jackie O...

Working as a switchboard operator/receptionist really teaches one a lot about humanity.

People, in general, are good. :-) People are understanding, and people are patient, if you are patient and understanding to begin with. People are appreciative. People will bend over backwards to help one another, if you reciprocate and bend over backwards to help them as well.

I recently (yet again) switched jobs. While the CSR position at the shipping company was awesome, there simply weren't enough funds to hire me on full time. So, through that job I gained three months of experience, good memories, and two AWESOME references. My temp agency set me up almost immediatly with another interview and I was hired right away; I'm working as an operator/receptionist for a downtown Seattle law firm. This is seriously the best job I have ever had.

I have been blessed with the most friendly, interesting, helpful and patient co-workers. I sit next to a actress who does a great deal of voice acting for video games and cartoons. I also work with an extremely talented painter, whose paintings adorn the halls of the reception area next to an original Picasso.

Also, two words: Free Lattes.

I also, sadly, needed to say goodbye to my constant companion, confidante, friend, roomate, and sister yesterday. Susan (that lucky duck) was essentiallly offered her dream job; only thing is, its in San Fransisco. I have no doubt that she will be wildly sucessful, and hey, I now have an excuse to visit California!

Unfortunately, losing Susan also meant losing half of the rent. I moved into my new apartment yesterday; A nicely sized studio up on Capitol Hill with a murphy bed (which, because it is hideously ugly, is to be taken out, although my boyfriend thinks its awesome). My place currently looks like something from the show "Hoarders", but soon everything will be put together and put away properly.

I also just returned from a near magical vacation to Massachusetts to meet my boyfriend's family. His family lives in Glouster, the town where they filmed "Perfect Storm" (apparently, everyone in the town despises that movie). I fell in love with New England; the ocean, the salty air, the beaches, the sunshine (at least in the summer time), the history, the beauty everywhere...

John's family was absolutely wonderful. One purpose of the trip (that John told me after the fact), was to see if I could mesh well with his parents and aunts. His family is fabulous; wildly passionate Catholics (Like me!) who take pride in just about EVERYTHING; their work, their relationships, their skills, their children, and each other.

One thing has been made clear: I love John, and it seems as if I have been welcomed into his family. I am prepared to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Things are changing so rapidly that it's often hard to step back and see how exactly I have been changed through all of this; but one tings is for sure: I am going to enjoy the ride.