Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To veg or not to veg?

That is the question!

My boyfriend, in the past, has been a vegan. No meat, no milk, nothing that ever comes from animals. However, his love of steak brought him back to the world of the carnivores.

He has lately been going back to a more "humane" diet of sorts since we saw the movie Food Inc; he has cut all red meat (beef and pork)and poultry from his diet, and tries to not consume any dairy products that might contain trace amounts of RBST. He'll eat fish (mostly becasue his favorite food in the universe is salmon).

In addition, he's been working out more. He's been doing these nightly "push up" routines, where he will do as many as he can without taking a break. His goal is to eventually get to 100, like he was able to when he was playing football (He's at 85 now).

As a result, my boyfriend is starting to look amazing. He has been getting hit on by old ladies who make comments about his muscles while waiting in line at QFC, and my mother's freinds all refer to him as "the hunky one" when I bring him home.

I, on the other hand, have let my figure slide a little bit.

When I was younger, I did gain a significant amount of weight my freshman year of college. The freshman 15 was the freshman 40 for me. The following summer, I did the nutrisystem thing, lost 20 pounds, realized I could do the exact same thing by restricting my portion sizes, got into contact with a nutritionist, lost another 40. At my lightest, I was 128 pounds. This ended when I moved to Pullman to finish my studies; and my eating habits have been....questionable at best. (Readers, the writer of this blog is the type of woman who will pour A1 steak sauce into a wine glass, drink it, and find it delicious.)

I have gained weight, about twenty pounds over the past five years. I'm not nearly as heavy as I was my freshman year (190 pounds at my heaviest), but I still can't help but pout a bit when I try on the dress I wore that one time years ago and I find my figure looking a bit like the stay-puft man. Poor John has been on the recieving end of the dreaded, "Do I look fat to you?" question, to the point where he will kindly point out (along with a kiss on the cheek)that while I am beautiful, I can always be more careful about what I eat if my weight bothers me too much.

So, readers, I've decided to finish the food I have in my fridge (not much, some cold cuts, chicken breasts and some frozen pelmeni), and once I do, to try being a lactose-ovo vegetarian for a while. Not because I'm against eating meat, (I ADORE STEAK!!! STEEEEAAAAAKKKK!!!!), but becasue I want to fit in my size 4 dress again, dammit!

Now that I'm a permanent employee (with CONSIDERABLE health benefits), I'm going to set up a time to meet with a nutritionist. I'm also eligable for "a corporate rate" for a number of health clubs downtown, and will start actually excersizing properly (rather than just stepping on and off a wii balance board :-P), and have decided to do an early morning spin class, if one is available.

Now the question is...will little old ladies comment on MY awesome muscles???? HMMM????