Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sing it, Sarah...

Whelp, readers, I just ruined the bee blanket.

Like, totally ruined it.

I willll remember youuuuuu.....
I finished the final chart, and because I didn't feel like dragging out my sewing machine, decided to use the crochet steek method so that I can turn this tube of knitting into a rectangle. What I didn't realize was that a crocheted steek only works for non-treated wool. The yarn I used for this blanket was a super-wash.

Will youuu remEHmber meeeeeeeee...
In addition to using the wrong steek technique, I also made the mistake of carrying the background color across the steek stitches in a weird way. I wanted to make sure that my floats were staggered (this makes the pretty "diamond" pattern on the back), so I kind of...twisted the gray yarn in a way that kind of made a "bump" in addition to the purl stitch that was supposed to be cut.

Don't let your liiiiiffffffe paaahaas you byyehhhh.....

So in addition to the purl stitch that the crochet stitches are supposed to "catch" when you cut them, I also mistakenly cut the gray background float.

And now my gorgeous Armenian knit blanket has a huge hole in it.

Weep not foooHOOOhooooorrrr the meeemoryy....
I'm not sure I can fix this without making more huge gaping holes. I carried the background color for most of the unless I cut that background float, I'm not going to be able to cut my steek at all.

The fabulous ladies at The Tea Cozy yarn shop in Ballard tell me that I can reinforce my steek with my sewing machine, and that might be enough to fix the problem. But a royal eff-up like this after five months of work (FIVE MONTHS OF WORK) was enough to make me want to just take a break from this project.

For now, I'm going to put this project down. Perhaps I'll look at it again in a week or two; I find that looking at things with fresh eyes can really make things easier when I've made a major oopsie.

I guess all that's left to do is this:

Until next time, Readers.