Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festival of Lights!

I love this time of year <3. I am a total and complete Christmas nut. Also, a shoutout to my Jewish readers...Chanukah began about an hour ago! In honor of the Festival of Lights, I bring you my family's ridiculous light display:
Curse of the Ice Queen from John Oleinik on Vimeo.

Yes, that is our house. And yes, my brother and father have been working on those for the better part of four months. My older brother, who we shall refer to as "Captain Sparkles", is a pyrothechnic (please note that there is a big difference between a pyroTECHNIC and pyroMANIAC), and he found that he could use the same software that helps him choreograph firework shows for Christmas Lights.

Sugar Plum Groove - MX47 from John Oleinik on Vimeo.

Hense, the ridiculous display that (miraculously!) our neighborhood adores and would go at us with torches and pitchforks if we don't do it every year.

My family...is so weird. But I love them all so much <3

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