Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Woman plus hot dog plus sophomoric buffoons equals:

Readers, I want to write about an incident that happened on Friday. I have a lot of difficulty writing about this, because this subject honestly makes me very uncomfortable and very, VERY angry.

On Friday evening, as I was on my way home from a long, frustrating, and exhausting day, I decided that I didn't feel like cooking. I went ahead and cheated on my pescetarian diet "just this once", stopped by Dog Japan (the amazing Japanese hotdog stand, either located across from the Pike street Wallgreens or across from the Nordstrom Rack), picked up a plain hot dog with ketchup and onions and went on my way.

Readers, I thought that I lived in a city filled with mature adults. But it seems as if asshole-ish troglodytes like to congregate in downtown Seattle on Friday evenings.

While walking home, I witnessed three lewd gestures, I was the recipient of two "Yeah, Girl" comments, and I walked by at least two groups of grown ass men who would whisper to one another and then break out into hysterical laughter, pointing at the exhausted 20-something in the black suit, eating a hot dog.

An effing hot dog, Readers. For some reason, a woman walking alone eating a hot dog on a Friday night is a magnet for dumbassery.

This...kind of ruined my weekend. What makes it a bit worse, Readers? I highly suspect that if John (who has the build of an upscale nightclub bouncer) was with me, these fools would not have DARED making any of those comments or gestures, lest my fiance beat their faces into an unrecognizable pulp (which was his first impulse after I told him why I was so flustered when I got home).

I shouldn't have to rely on John (or my brother, or my dad, or any male, for that matter) in order to, you know, NOT be harassed and/or humiliated should I decide to eat a hot dog (or wear shorts, or dance, or wear a bathing suit, etc) in public.

I'm not going to whine about the "sexual double standard", or go on about how "Those guys judged me before even knowing me!" or about how "Misogyny is bad, m-kay?" We've all read that a million times, Readers. We know this, it's not exactly news.

Which is why this behavior baffles and really bothers me.

Readers, I'm obviously not going to place the blame for these childish cretins' behavior on ALL of those who have a Y chromosome. But holy crap, fellas, does it really take the perceived threat of getting your ass whooped in order for the less mature of you to NOT act like a sex-starved Neanderthal?

Ugh. I need to crochet something.

Until next time, Readers.

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