Thursday, September 27, 2012

2.0 Turtles

I'm back, Readers!

Whoof. I'm still recovering from the hurricane that was our Nuptials. I'm currently working on a blog post about our wedding day/honeymoon, which will be up when I'm entirely satisfied with it. It's been four days since I've been back to work, and yet I'm still feeling like a member of the walking dead.

Luckily, my office is located right next to a coffee machine.

As you guys can probably infer from the above picture and my Etsy gadget, I re-did the NES Ninja Turtle pillow. This time, I made sure that ALL of the yarn used was the same kind/brand; this was knit entirely from a machine-washable mercerised cotton. Also, I whipped out my size 1 needles for this project so that the pillow turned out a bit smaller.

In addition, I knit the entire pillow in one piece as opposed to knitting the turtles separate. This time around it was much easier, as I had (mostly) perfected the intarsia technique and I was already familiar with the image pattern.

I'm really starting to enjoy intarsia. It's a  royal pain, but the end result makes the whole thing worth it. Once I have enough snowflakes for the upcoming X-mas season, I might turn my attention toward knitting more pillows made from pixelated images...possibly celebrity portraits? Flowers? Simple landscapes?

Ideally, I'd like to shy away from doing more video game images. They're fun, but overdone, in my opinion.

Now that the pillow is finished, I'm finding myself yet again preparing for my offices' annual craft fair. I'm working on another snowflake pattern, which also will be posted as soon as I'm satisfied with the end result.

<3 Until next time!

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