Friday, January 4, 2013

Haiku Friday: Resolutions

All I can say is
After hustle and bustle,
It's good to be back!

A new year has begun, Readers! 2013 brings us new places to go, people to meet, goals to fulfill, skills to be learned, and dreams to be dreamed!

I wanted to show off a project that I FINALLY finished (albeit several days late!)

I knit our first Christmas stocking! A matched one (with contrasting colors) will be in the works, but I have about a gazillion other projects (2 pairs of knit mittens, one for mah hubbeh and one for a co-worker. Plus, I've got a lace beret for myself in the works) that I really want to finish first. This pattern is a fairly quick/easy knit for anyone who has had experience in knitting socks, I HIGHLY recommend it!

It's official: I have a crush on Nordic fair isle.

Well, Readers, 'tis the season for New Years' Resolutions!

This year, my new year's resolution is less of a resolution and more of a project: since my yarn stash has officially reached ludicrous status (my yarn-storage-thing is COMPLETELY full along with another storage container), I have resolved to...drum roll please...


That's right, Readers! No more yarn-store clearance sale binges for the ol' Orb Weaver!

I will be taking inventory of the almighty Yarn Hoard during the coming week and will be making (somewhat) of a plan in regards to using it all up. As I said above, I have a few projects in the works: another knit stocking (same pattern, flipped colors), a pair of finger-less mitts for my husband and a co-worker, and a lace beret for myself.

There are several charities that are looking for knitters who are willing to whip out their needles at a moment's notice: I've knit some miniature stockings for Operation Holiday Stockings in the past, that has always been a good stash-buster:

In addition to Operation Holiday Stockings, I'm seriously thinking of knitting/crocheting some squares/infant hats for Warm Up America:

WUA is a program where knitters/crocheters make 7X9 rectangles, that are then sewn together to make warm blankets for those in need! Knitters/Crocheters, I would IMPLORE you to check these fabulous people out!

Day 1 begins tommorow! We'll see how long I can last before I find myself clawing at my local yarn's stores door, screaming for my cashmere fix.

Perhaps the large ball of barely-used organic wool in my stash can take the edge off.


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