Sunday, July 7, 2013

Year of Using Up the Stash: ERHMEGHERD BABY SOCKS

Wow! It's been a while since I've updated you all with my knitting escapades, Readers!

Those of you who've been following me will be pleased to know that I've finished the socks:

Beautiful pattern, and a reasonably quick knit too!

I also finished Pop's gloves:

She absolutely loves them! Now to pick a second pattern for pair number two!

I also started working on this wonderful thing:

I was looking for something to use up the rest of my bright green acrylic, and came across a fabulous pattern for a Minecraft Creeper doll! I finished the head up just fine, (not bad for my first attempt at the duplicate stitch), but I find that I'm struggling with knitting the body. The pattern is a mite bit confusing in the way of attaching the rectangly limbs to the body; I'm going to give the body a few more attempts, but if I'm still messing it up after a few tries I may just wing it.

A while ago, a good friend gave me one of the "Jane Austen Knits" magazines, and I found a gorgeous pattern for a re-usable grocery bag. I've used up all of my purple wool blend on the bottom/body of the bag, and I've used up nearly all of the chunky gray wool for the top of the bag:

I still need to do more of the lace pattern on top, as well as the straps for the bag. I'm going to use a chunky dark purple for that; it may not be the prettiest thing to come from my knitting needles, but it's certainly going to be one of my most useful projects, given Seattle's plastic bag ban.

Lastly, I have the perfect use for (at least a good chunk of) my sock yarn! An old high school friend of mine just gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Readers! You guys know what that means....


My word, Readers, baby  booties are so much fun to knit! It's like instant knitting-project gratification! I finished both of the purple booties in one day!

So, Readers, here is my list of my current projects to help keep me on track!

1. Baby booties: Purple 2/2; Gray with lace trim, 1/2
2. Minecraft Creeper: Head: finished. Body: still working on attaching the feet.
3. Grocery bag: About 3/4 of the way finished!
4. Pop's gloves: Need to pick out a pattern and get started!
5. New Snowflake Pattern: We've got a title! New snowflake, I dub thee: "Odette/Odille!" Still working on two prototypes; "Odette" is crocheted in all white, and "Odille" is crocheted in all black.
6: Space Invaders Warm Up America Square: Not even started yet, heh. I'll start that one as soon as I finish the Minecraft Creeper; that little guy is capitalizing on all of my bright green yarn.

Until next time Readers! *Muah!*


  1. Lovely! Where did you find your Minecraft Creeper pattern? I know a small boy who would love this (soon to turn 8),

    1. Hello Margaret! The creeper pattern comes from the very fabulous Sarah Wesemann; it can be found here:

  2. That was so cute, thanks for sharing ! Love the color used, and it looks comfy and cozy for babies. Nice pattern too !