Thursday, April 10, 2014

Speak Friend, knitting related!

Hullo, Readers!

Yikes...I'm getting terrible about keeping my blog updated!

The Year of the Sweater has taken a bit of a detour, ever since I started THIS:

BEHOLD, the never ending Evenstar Shawl!

Pattern found here:

I started this project about a month ago; all things considered it's been a fairly quick knit. I'm still working on my lace skills and shaping skills, and as such I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants with this pattern.

It's amazing how much your pattern can get mucked up by missing just ONE yarn over.

It's also amazing how much a bumpy bus ride can mess up your knitting! Yikes!

I'd like to level up on my lace skills and eventually enter something into the Washington State Fair.Once I finish this (there's NO WAY that the finished project here is State Fair worthy), I'll get some more yarn and give it another go, if I'm feeling more comfortable with the lace work.

Until next time, Readers!

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