Monday, July 21, 2014



Hello, Readers!

Wow! This weekend was probably the most productive one I've had in a LONG time!

We had a lovely dinner out on Friday, saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (a cliched but quite entertaining film), completely finished the Starship baby afghan, AND put up six pints of homemade barbecue sauce to boot:
Readers, please forgive me for the crappy photography. My fingers were covered in sticky spicy sweet goodness and I didn't want to muck up my phone's screen

Now that Starship is all finished, I can focus my attention on lace parasol 2.0! I'll be sure to post more pictures as the parasol progresses!

Here's hoping that the blanket does well at the fair! Think Purple Ribbon thoughts for me, Readers!

Until next time <3

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