Friday, January 23, 2015

Onwards and Upwards

Bee blanket progress :-) I'd say that I'm about 30% finished at this point
Hello, Readers.

Wow. It's been quite the interesting week, full of ups and downs.

Luckily, for now, the ups are outnumbering the downs.

Last Friday, Mr. Orb Weaver and I got a phone call from our landlord. Long story short, he wants us to break our lease so he can sell the condo that we're living in.

The good news is that he is paying us a considerable amount of money to do so, and this is going to cover most (if not all) of our moving expenses. We attended an open house for a one bedroom apartment a few blocks away on Saturday and signed a lease, so for now, everything except the actual moving is in order.

The bad news is that we have to be out by the first of February. So, that leaves us eight days to pack up the apartment.


While I am currently dancing with joy and thanking the powers that be that we were able to get everything in order so quickly, I will say that I'm sad to leave our 1970's era love nest (textured walls, dark wood paneling and all!) The location was perfect, our neighbors are fantastic, and the view couldn't be beat.

The kitchen was pretty fantastic too. 

So, time for a new chapter in a new apartment. Onwards and Upwards!

Until next time <3

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