Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts 101

Ah, tis the season to be knitting Christmas gifts. Or, in my case, New Year's gifts.

I find that I start going into nervous meltdowns if I start knitting Christmas gifts for people. I either start them too late, get distratcted, or am unable to find the time to finish them.

This is why I usually shy away from knitting presents for my friends, unless someone has given me a specific request. My neighbor from downstairs has given me a good one: she wants a draft stopper in the shape of a caterpillar. Gonna be fun trying to figure that one out...

I've also started knitting a lace scarf for one of my coworkers.
the scarf is the "strangling vine" lace scarf pattern by Nicole Hindes. I love the lace, but the sticker shock from the Handmaiden Seasilk she used gave me a small anneurism.

Instead of the handmaiden seasilk, I used Cascade yarns Pastaza, which I'm starting to regret. The yarn is nice and warm, but ITCHY. 

Something I love doing this time of year is crocheting lace snowflakes. They're quick, relatively easy, and just something I can do while watching netfilx on a cold evening.

They take me an hour (instead of a week) and give me the instant gratification that I so often crave when working on a project. I'll tie little notes to each one and send them out with Christmas Cards or attach them to presents. So dang awesome!

Now to figure out how to knit a giant caterpillar that will keep the draft out...hmmm....

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